CDM ESD 68620 Durapol azul

This competitive material presents very satisfactory technical values with high economical advantages. CDM ESD 68620 is a composite material made of glass mat,
combined with a high mechanical resistance resin system with guaranteed dissipative characteristics.

CDM range of products exhibits higher mechanical and resistance properties as standard composite materials. The random glass mat substrate present in the CDM ESD 68620
OS minimizes delaminations problems during machining or pallet use.

The relative low thermal conductivity in the CDM materials allows a rapid pallet turnaround eliminating most of the time both the necessity to provide a cooling station and the heat sink effect experienced in the metallic pallets.

CDM materials can substitute metallic solder frames (or other materials) with great advantages.

Flux resistance is depending on composition and
pH level. Highly acid as well as basic fluxes
often require a regular cleaning of remaining
powders in order to preserve the stability of CDM
materials. CDM ESD 68620 OS presents good
resistance to chemical attacks.
Due to the high fiberglass content, machining is
recommended with carbide or diamond toolings.
Precise machining with very accurate tolerances
can be achieved by experts in the conception
and machining of pallets.

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