Aluminio MIC6 // Aluminio rectificado

Precision machined Cast aluminum plate.

To support the industry’s best casting process, MIC6 plates are thermally stress-relieved at an elevated temperature as a separate furnace treatment. This helps insure a stress-free and stable plate.

Maximum deviation from flat:
Specified plate thickness maximum variation:
3/4” and over: .005” / 19mm and over: .127mm
1/4” to 5/8”: .015” / 6mm and over: .381mm

• Aircraft Tooling
• Automotive Tooling
• Base Plates, Side Plates and Indexing Tables
• CNC Routing Tables
• Checking Fixtures, Gauges and Templates
• Chip Printers
• Circuit Printers
• Dielectrics
• Document Sorting Equipment
• Electronics
• Food Machinery: Side Frames and Functional Components
• Foundry Patterns
• Heating and Cooling Platens
• Medical Instrumentation: Internal Functional Components
• Packaging Machinery and Molds
• Pharmaceutical Machinery
• Plastic Components Manufacturing: Temperature Control Manifolds
• Printing Machinery
• Robotics
• Vacuum Chambers for Computer Chips
• Vacuum Chucks