Our portfolio of special metals comprises highly specialized alloys such as Titanium, high-performance steels and alloys, as well as so-called "super alloys". These materials exhibit unique and superior characteristics of tensile strength, heat and corrosion resistance, durability, and wear resistance. Their exceptional resistance to deformation and cracking makes them ideal for a variety of applications in the most demanding sectors.

MIC6 Aluminum // Ground Aluminum

MIC6 aluminum is a high-precision product obtained through a meticulous casting process. To ensure the best quality in the industry, MIC6 plates are subjected to a high-temperature thermal stress relief treatment in a separate furnace. This ensures that the plates are stress-free and have superior stability.

Common uses: aeronautical and automotive tools, base plates, side plates and indexing tables, CNC routing tables, control fixtures, chip printers, document sorting equipment, food machinery: side frames and functional components, packaging machinery molds, pharmaceutical machinery, plastic component manufacturing: temperature control manifolds, printing machinery, robotics, computer chip vacuum chambers, vacuum jaws, among others.

Titanium and its Alloys

Titanium is an exceptionally strong, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant metal. By combining it with other metals, it is possible to obtain a wide range of alloys, each with unique properties that offer a wide spectrum of application possibilities. There are about 30 types of titanium alloys, although in 90% of industrial applications, grade 2 titanium and grade 5 titanium alloy (5Al-4V) are mainly used.

Common uses of Titanium: aerospace components, medical implants, structural elements in the automotive industry, oil well drilling tools, submarines, yachts, high-end bicycles, golf clubs, and in numerous high-strength and lightweight components in the automotive industry.


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