This category includes a variety of specialized materials and components designed for specific functions within a wide range of industries.

1. Pallet Walkers

Pallet walkers are critical elements in the construction and repair of pallets. These components help provide the stability and strength necessary to withstand the loads that pallets have to handle in daily operations. There are different types of pallet walkers, each designed for a specific type of task or need.

- Nail walker kit: This type of walker is characterized by having one end that resembles a 'nail', providing a firm grip when inserted into the pallet.

- T-type walker kit: This kit contains 'T'-shaped walkers, ideal for applications that require a larger contact surface with the pallet material.

- Barrel-shaped walker: This walker has a cylindrical or 'barrel' shape and is often used in heavier pallets where greater strength is required.

- Two-legged walker: This walker has two 'legs' or contact points that allow for greater stability.

- M-0.75, M-1.25, M-2.00 walker: These walkers are named by their size in millimeters, offering different options depending on the thickness and strength required of the pallet.

- T-type walker: Similar to the T-type walker kit, this walker provides a large contact surface for greater stability.

- Nail walker: Similar to the nail walker kit, this walker provides a firm grip when inserted into the pallet.

2. Shoulder Screws

Shoulder screws are a type of screw with a reduced diameter segment (the "shoulder") between the head and the thread. This design allows the screw thread to be tightened while the shoulder part remains stationary.

These types of screws are used in a variety of applications, including the assembly of components that require precise location or parts that need the ability to pivot around the screw axis. In machinery manufacturing, shoulder screws are frequently used in the construction of transmission systems and as axles for bearings and gears.

Given their ability to facilitate pivoting and rotational movements, shoulder screws are vital in sectors such as automotive, robotics, precision machinery, among others.


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