In the field of electrostatics, inadvertent discharges can be detrimental to electronic components, hence we offer a diversified range of solutions for electrostatic discharge (ESD) control. Our catalog ranges from insulating curtains, mats, and antistatic coatings, made from a selection of high-quality materials such as PVC, PET, microfiber, and rubber, all designed with the purpose of protecting components sensitive to electrostatic discharges.

- Honeycomb PVC Curtain: This high-efficiency curtain is made of PVC and features a honeycomb design printed with carbon. This configuration provides a high degree of protection against static, making it an ideal choice for partitions, coverings, or ESD surfaces in areas particularly sensitive to electrostatic discharges. The durability and versatility of the Honeycomb PVC Curtain make it perfect for a wide range of industrial applications.

- ESD PET Film with Adhesive: This self-adhesive antistatic PET film is an exceptionally economical and straightforward option for achieving ESD standards compliance on non-conductive surfaces. The incorporated adhesive facilitates its application on various surfaces such as glass, acrylic, polycarbonate, etc., transforming them into safe surfaces for working with ESD sensitive components.

- ESD Mat: Our double-layer mat is an effective solution for surface control in ESD-sensitive areas. Thanks to its stable electrostatic properties and its low resistivity, this mat is widely used in the electronics, semiconductor industry, and other areas that need ESD protection. Its implementation is simple, and its effectiveness in preventing electrostatic discharges makes it indispensable in these environments.

- Microfiber ESD Mat: This mat is composed of an antistatic microfiber cloth, a conductive sponge, and an acrylic adhesive. Its smooth, soft, and scratch-resistant surface is perfect for use on worktable surfaces where sensitive and delicate components are handled. Its dimensions of 2.5mm thick by 95cm x 9.5m make it large enough to cover large work areas.

These innovative solutions enable the implementation of robust ESD control in a variety of work scenarios, mitigating risks associated with the handling of electronic components sensitive to electrostatic discharges, and ensuring a safe work environment in accordance with international ESD protection regulations.


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